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                              April 14, 2019


NORFOLK, VA -- Dominion Registries, the registry operator for the .Autos top-level domain is relaunching the .Autos extension on April 14, 2019, after successfully relaunching one of its other industry-specific extensions .Homes, earlier this year. As part of the relaunch, any restrictions around who could previously register the domain extension were removed in March. As of April 15th, Dominion will also lower their wholesale cost to make the extension more affordable for retail customers in the automotive industry.

The .Autos domain extension exists to serve the automotive industry in providing much needed short, memorable and relevant domain names for automotive professionals and businesses. As auto retailers, parts manufacturers and other automotive verticals invest more every year in their online marketing and branding efforts, having the right domains for your brand can make all the difference. As the availability of short and affordable domains in the .com and .net extensions shrink, the .Autos extension provides a new and relevant alternative to the industry with tens of thousands of short names that just aren’t available any longer in other extensions.

As part of the relaunch, Dominion Registries has and continues to on-board new registrar partners to provide greater access to the .Autos extension and make it easier for end users to register their .Autos domains with their favorite registrars.

We are very excited about relaunching the .Autos extension,” said Jim Schrand, General Manager of Dominion Registries. “After our successful relaunch of .Homes earlier this year it was clear to us that our goal needed to include allowing greater access to the .Autos extension, which meant removing any restrictions on who could register or use a .Autos domain. It was also important to make registering a .Autos domain more affordable so that even the smallest of automotive businesses could afford a .Autos extension and not just the larger brands.”

All registrars supporting .Autos registrations on or before the April 15th relaunch date can be found at


About .Autos and Dominion Registries

Dominion Registries provides top-level registrations for .Autos, .Homes, .Boats, .Yachts, and .Motorcycles. Their mission is to provide high quality, industry-specific website addresses to the residential real estate,  automotive, marine, and powersports communities. Working in partnership with the communities they serve, they enable the creation of quality content channels that make it easier for consumers to research and find the information they need to make important lifestyle decisions.