Sunrise Policy

This Sunrise Policy sets forth the terms and conditions that govern sunrise domain name applications, and domain name registrations, from the top-level domain registries operated by Dominion Registries. Capitalized terms shall have the meaning defined in the applicable Dominion Registries Registration Policy.

1. Sunrise Registration Period Eligibility

All sunrise applications for second-level domain names must satisfy the registration eligibility criteria set forth in the applicable Dominion Registries Registration Policy and must comply with ICANN requirements for sunrise registrations.

2. Sunrise Allocation

Dominion Registries will utilize an end-date sunrise registration period. All domain name registrations shall be allocated following the conclusion of the sunrise period. If multiple applications are received for the same name during the sunrise period from applicants that satisfy the registration eligibility criteria, Dominion Registries will settle the contention through a request for proposal (RFP) process.

3. Sunrise Registration Challenges

All sunrise registrations are subject to Dominion Registries’ Sunrise Challenge Dispute Resolution Policy (“SDRP”). Challenges may be filed pursuant to the SDRP for a period of ninety (90) days following conclusion of the sunrise registration period.